Healthy Life Style to Live Happily - Schedule for Health Sake

Healthy Life Style to Live Happily - Schedule for Health Sake

Get Up early in the Morning and Have a Five Minute Breathe Exercise life wise yoga style.Waking Up Early in the morning is one of the starting step for the success of living healthy life style.

Try to wake up in the morning in between 4:00 to 7:00 AM. I said to wake at 7 for late night sleepers and for lazy bugs.

First try to get up t 7:00 am later try for 06 :00. 06:00 is the ok schedule to Wake at 05:00 is good time and 04:00 is the excellent time to wake up.

Next programme to you to fix is to do some Exercise first try for simple exercise mainly for over fat persons. as lean or normal persons can do normal to tough exercises. any way Start up exercise to do according to your stamina. But try to increase the efficiency of doing exercise that is try to do from simple to tough exercises.

Like wise increase the time schedule of exercise on first day do each exercise for 2 min next day do to for 4 min next 5 min like wise increase it up to your stamina and remember don't over do that because overdoing is also harmful. and one of the important thing if you are lean or heavy whether your losing weight or not don't give up that is don't leave this good habit always continue to go through it as it is good boosting for muscles so that you will be healthy for longer.

Some persons have misconception that lean people should not do exercise but remember its a wrong conception.Its healthy to do exercise daily it gives strength to our muscles.

3rd Step for a Healthy life style to live happily is to eat well. eating well. Don't misunderstand eating well as eating heavily. Exactly eating well refers to take your food 4 times a days with 4 hours of interval that too take your food lightly that is half of your stomach full or lean person and one by fourth of your stomach full for heavy persons and normal persons can can between halve to 1/4th of food. Refer 1/2 or 1/4 of stomach means to less that quantity in your plate.

Eating well refer to a fat person or a lean person or a normal person.

My schedule of having food is 09:00 Am, 01:00 PM, 05:00 Pm and 09:00 PM. Give rest to your stomach for about 12 hrs in between this 12 hrs you can take water or some fruit juices.

4th Step is to have a bath daily as it refreshes body and mind.

5th and final step is to stool every day. Based on the Input you give the output takes place. Remember suffering with Motions or Constipation is not Healthy.

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