Shampoo Drawbacks Healthy Hair Tricks PH Balanced

Shampoo Drawbacks Healthy Hair Tricks PH Balanced

Shampoo is a detergent Soap in which it is filled with Chemicals.

I use shampoo for cleaning Bathroom really by using the shampoo we will get many bubbles rather than in detergent or any bathroom cleaner. My Husband will use Shampoo for cleaning Car and Bike, really. He feels that it will get rid of tough dust for Vehicles as he only suggested me to use shampoo for cleaning Bathroom or Toilets. He also says that 1 shampoo is enough it will give high soapy like liquid for cleaning while compared to other soaps or liquids of cleaning. I Suggest you once try to cleann your Bathroom with Shampoo so that you will know better about it.

Shampoo is just a Detergent with some Perfumes and Chemicals fill in. Its Chemicals are not good for our hair. Its causes Damage to our Hair roots and tips. You might notice that the split ends are caused due to usage of over detergent shampoo. Many of us also know that the Hair shampoo will lose the moisture in our Hair. That is the reason why experts say to use conditioner after shampooing.

Shampoo will just wash off dust, Greasy or oil from our hair along with moisture of our scalp making the scalp dry especially for Dry Hair persons. Conditioner gives moisture to our hair in which we have lost during shampooing. Conditioner wont help our dry scalp as it is not used for hair roots. Conditioner should be applied only for hair that is away from our roots which prove that it wont work for our hair roots.

I will post a PH Balanced Home Made shampoo in my next post. It wont contain Detergent giving you many bubbles to your Hair. It just washes dust from your Hair and leaves your Hair with required moisture. I am using this shampoo form 2 months and it does many miracles to your hair as it is made with miracle items :).

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