Universal God Believe it or not

Universal God Believe it or not

Do you Believe God ?

Is God there are not ?

Some people will believe that there are some super natural powers in the universe if you say that as a god then it is a god. As I too agree that Universe had many super natural powers that are effecting every thing in the universe and our life is based on it.

People will think god as Jesus, Allah, ram, Krishna, Shiva, Balaji, Buddha, etc

Now Gandiji is called as God. I feel that a persons who are better citizens that is who kept affords for there best for there society in their time or their generation are called as Gods later. Do you Agree with me?

Like wise those people who kept affords in there generation are called as god. I think like that only Ram, Krishna, Etc came. No one saw God or no body had got the reasons to say him/her as god.
How a person of past general will become god for our generation?

Do u think it as right?

Why are you blindly believing that there is a god or devil?
Some people say that if u believe that there is a god then there is a devil too.
I feel that there is no devil or no god. There is nature in all and across the universe there are many super natural powers.

Just there is some super natural power. A sun decides our day or night people believe in sun neither than believing god and just welcome the sun so that it is healthy to get first rays of the sun on our body. Best nature God that we are seeing is Sun. We know that generally that we live with sun, based on sun, by sun, for sun so I feel praying Sun as God is best Choice. Why are you just going to some place with expenses and praying the statue as the Sun is in front of us. Sun is Universal God as every one know.

The Spiritual world needs two revolutions one is to separate God from religion and the other is to separate religion from God This Purification process will make God less human and more Universal

Friends its my own opinion by looking forward to our Environment.
Please say your opinion and feedback us so that we get a generalized idea of what the universe is?

Do you have any View points? please Comment Here

Hope i will get your Views

Have a nice day

Don't Pray when it rains If you don't pray when the sun shines 
-By Satchel Paige

The God whom science recognizes must be a God of universal laws exclusively, a God who does a wholesale, not a retail business. He cannot accommodate his process to the convenience of individuals
-By William James

Without doubt God is the universal moving force, but each being is moved according to the nature that God has given it. He directs angles, man, animals, brute matter, in sum all created things, but each according to its nature, and man having been created free, he is freely led. This rule is truly the eternal law and in it we must believe. 
-By Joseph De Maistre


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